Waste Management and Recycling

Curbside Cart Collection | City of Edmonton

In Edmonton we have many options for garbage and recycling. Not only do we have those big green and blue bins at each property but Edmonton has Eco Stations throughout the city, where you can take some of your items to dispose of for free!

It is simple to remove your trash and it has a huge effect on the over-all look of the property you live in. Knowing what you can and cannot put in the bins can be confusing so let’s break it down.

What goes where?  

Eco Station: 

•    Scrap metal and old electronics
•    Automotive waste e.g. motor oil, tire, batteries
•    Old paint
•    Batteries
•    Poisonous and corrosive materials 
•    Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes 
•    They will also take furniture items for a very small fee

Green bin:

Most of these items need to be in a garbage bag to avoid spreading the mess. 

•    Food waste
•    Most plastic
•    Broken glass, dishes and mirrors
•    Styrofoam 
•    Disposable diapers
•    Disposable cups, plates, masks
•    Shredded paper and tissue paper  
•    Litter box garbage
•    Used cooking oil - please storage your used oil and do not pour down the drain

Blue Bin:

It is important to put only proper materials in the recycling containers because if garbage is mixed with recycling the contaminated loads cannot be recycled.

•    Metal cans and aluminum- cleaned with no food waste
•    Cardboard boxes
•    Plastic containers and plastic shopping bags
•    Paper 
•    Milk and juice boxes, glass bottles

Beverage containers such as wine bottles, cans, juice boxes, milk jugs and glass or plastic bottles can be put in the blue bin or taken to your local bottle depot to collect money for returning them! 

We need every tenant to dispose of garbage and recycling properly to keep the building and property odor-free and looking great, so please do your part and help keep our property clean!