Spring Clean Up Tips

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives but we must work together to ensure your home base is looking fresh and clean! With spring arriving, the snow is going to begin to melt, and garbage is going to appear from under the snow and ice.

Here are some tips to keep your apartment building clean:

  • Balconies and patios are NOT to be used for storage, please ensure you remove all of the following: Garbage, Christmas decorations, indoor furniture, bicycles, tires, and cigarette butts.
  • Wipe off your shoes on the floor mat when you enter the building. This will prevent dirt and mud from tracking through the building.
  • Please ensure you and your visitors are disposing of garbage in the dumpsters or in your garbage can inside of your unit.
  • Unwanted flyers in your mailbox can be disposed of in the garbage can provided beside the mailbox, in the recycling bin outside or in your own garbage inside your unit. Please do not overfill the garbage can with outside garbage as it is meant for flyers only. Any mail that is not for you, can be sent back to Canada Post with “return to sender” on the envelope to prevent further mail coming to you.
  • When you are taking your garbage to the dumpsters, please do not drag it as this can cause the bag to break and leak on the floor which brings unwanted mess and odors in the buildings.
  • Pay attention to upcoming tenant notices regarding parking lot sweeping as you will be required to move your vehicles.

We strive to keep our buildings clean and maintained and we need your participation to do so. This community is home to many people, and we want to leave an everlasting impression. You can do your part by picking up after yourself and your pets and reporting any unsightly messes to your Site Manager.